Blog: Top tips when planning a day out with children

Whatever you think you might need when you’re packing for a day out with children…you probably do need. Pack everything!! If you’re driving, there’s no harm in filling your car up with things you might need! It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Here are our top tips when planning a day out with your children!

Search for discounts – Always look for a deal online before you book or before you arrive at the location. There’s no point in paying full price when you could download a discount voucher in seconds! We’re always adding new offers onto our website so keep checking for a discount code to an attraction you want to visit!

Ask your children – When you’re choosing where to take your children, let them get involved in the decision! Narrow it down to a couple of options in the right location and within the right price range, and then ask them for their opinion. They’ll love to help pick where they’re going and they’ll probably be more excited because it’s their decision!

Snacks – You can never pack too many snacks!! It can be expensive to buy lunch for the whole family and if your children are fussy eaters, it can be a nightmare to find something they want! If it’s a hot day, try to avoid snacks that are going to melt! A tip to avoid arguments is to pack your children’s lunches in separate bags / boxes. You can make your picnic more fun by eating it outdoors if it’s sunny!

Plan ahead – Planning your journey is key to minimising the chance of getting lost! No one wants to get lost when you’re in the car with excitable children asking you “are we there yet” every 5 minutes!! Packing your bag the night before can help you to save time and hassle in the morning! Also, if you pack your bag when you’re not rushed, you’re less likely to forget things!

Pack spare clothes – No matter how old your children are….PACK SPARE CLOTHES!! Kids love getting messy and will never turn down jumping into a muddy puddle so be prepared! Let them have fun without the stress of them being uncomfortable after!

Travelling activities – No matter how long your travelling for, keeping your children entertained in the car / train / bus can be difficult. Make sure you take some activities or have some planned! A simple game of Eye Spy will keep them occupied for a bit! If your method of transport will have a table, a colouring book is always an easy option!

Money – It’s always handy to carry some lose change! You might have to pay for parking or additional activities your children might want to take part in! Activities like rides and feeding animals usually cost a couple of pounds more so be prepared!

We hope we’ve given you enough tips to have a brilliant day out with your family! We’d love to see where you go! Tag us in your pictures!

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